Relationships are the Foundation of Our Service

Feel free to read through some of our client testimonials

Testimonial – 03-04-2018

You are amazing dude! The brand has never looked better and we have passed your contact info along to our marketing dept. – Ben

Testimonial – 02-15-2018

I have passed your contact along to James and have let him know what kind of a job you have done for us and all the money, time and headaches you have saved us. He will be reaching out soon. Thanks a million! – Greg

Testimonial – 02-12-2018

I appreciate that Peter the fleeces look great as well as the jackets. – Stephen

Testimonial – 02-06-2018

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the quick turnaround time, everyone at the conference was very pleased with their sweaters. Thank you again so much! – Ashley

Testimonial – 02-01-2018

It is nice to know that we are working with a team that integrity characterizes their work. – Marya

Testimonial – 01-10-2018

Everything looks fantastic! The coats have kept us warm in this brutal, frigid winter. Thanks for all your time. – Dimitri

Testimonial – 11-30-2017

This is wonderful. My life has just become easier. I don’t need to go looking for promotional items of vendors. I will forward your contact information to my colleagues at the city and one that is external – Oma

Testimonial – 10-27-2017

Thanks for Coming in, dropping off the samples and showing Maria the drinkware.  We will need 550 of the wine glasses and I am looking through the samples and will let you know which hats, jackets we would like to order after the weekend.  Thanks again! – Carm

Testimonial – 10-11-2017

Everything looks Excellent! If you can deliver to Room C208. I will be able to receive and deliver to the guys.  Thanks again on such short notice. – Dan

Testimonial – 10-01-2017

Thanks for the last order, made me look like a champ! – Selly

Testimonial – 09-29-2017

I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to follow up as we are looking to place an order for a bunch of our t-shirts again. I will probably have a set count by end of next week! Looking like 4000-6000.  Thought I would give you a heads up. – Jasmine

Testimonial – 09-28-2017

Thanks again for this!  Do you know if they will be sent over by next week?  I have a trade show to go to on Sept 28th and I’d love to feature your pens as the giveaway for my table.  I think they will go over very well! – Dan

Testimonial – 09-25-2017

Thanks again for this fantastic order! We always appreciate your expertise. – Gary

Testimonial – 09-24-2017

Hi Peter, Send me your phone number I have a friend who needs 500 jackets and Craig wants to know if your available to meet at Davis Campus tomorrow? – Mike

Testimonial – 08-31-2017

The art looks good and the colours look good. Make all colour the way the proof is please. 7 inches will be fine. Thank you Peter, you are a design gem. – Danny

Testimonial – 08-30-2017

It looks great to me. This is approved for production. Please process the order as soon as practical. – Rob

Testimonial – 08-20-2017

PERFECT!!! – Danny

Testimonial – 08-18-2017

Thanks again for donating the tickets! It was a successful event! The winner of the tickets is Roberto whom I have copied above.  Please connect with him and thanks again! Cheers – Petra  

Testimonial – 08-17-2017

Along with the T-shirts we received, they look great,  can you also do a box of business envelopes and cards please. Also wondered if you have an approximate ETA for me on both- Hopefully you have received our last cheque now—and put all items on the next invoice please. – Nancy

Testimonial – 08-08-2017

Perfectionionia senor, green light give it the beans… – cb

Testimonial – 07-28-2017

Yes I was notified by our warehouse staff that the delivery was received by Kashi yesterday. The boxes are still in the warehouse and they will bring them up time permitting sometime today as they were super busy with deliveries yesterday. Please forward me the invoice so I can get it approved for payment. Thx ... Read moreTestimonial – 07-28-2017

Testimonial – 07-20-2017

Great price for branded water bottles. Lets do this! – Petra  

Testimonial – 07-12-2017

Thats perfect and fits our budget for this event. 

I would love to do this, and let me know delivery timelines. – Niki

Testimonial – 07-12-2017

Thank you very much for the confirmation. It was a pleasure working with you! – Teresa

Testimonial – 07-07-2017

Thanks for following up. Also shared a couple cards with my colleagues running the other divisions and the head of our group. Next opportunity for swag I will push them your way. It’s very nice to see that there are still dedicated sales people who take risks and walk into unknown territory to make connections! ... Read moreTestimonial – 07-07-2017

Testimonial – 05-06-2017

Suh-weeeeeeet – Andrea

Testimonial – 04-17-2017

“Custom6 came to the rescue and was able to fulfill my sponsors request very last minute! Made me look like the hero when in fact the true hero was Daniel. Thanks Daniel, a pleasure working with you!” – Petra

Testimonial – 03-13-2017

“Thank you for being there every step of the way. It started with us hitting the request a quote tab off your website and one week later we had our tshirts for our March Break Camp. Thx 100x” – Natalie

Testimonial – 02-26-2017

“The process is seamless and easy. If you want to outfit and uniform your staff and are in to saving money, use these guys. We will continue to have Custom6 as one of our preferred vendors for 2017. They have proven over the years to beat competitor pricing.” – John M.

Testimonial – 02-11-2017

“Thank you for helping us find the right Parkas for our industry and keeping us warm. The time and samples were very much appreciated. Keep up the great work!” – Julie & Paul

Testimonial – 01-14-2017

“Working with Custom6 was the best experience I’ve had in the corporate branding world. This team produces exactly what you ask for and saved us money on our previous ordered items. Overall 10 out of 10, Daniel is fantastic!” – Jimmy

Testimonial – 12-21-2016

“We could not be happier with the service you provide J Custom6 has become our marketing department’s best friend! Daniel is exceptional at what he does and has always found us something to fit our always changing budget. Thank you for taking the stress away and making us feel comfortable with all decisions!! We highly ... Read moreTestimonial – 12-21-2016

Testimonial – 11-24-2016

“It is our pleasure to endorse Custom6 for its fast, efficient and worry free service. Daniel at Custom6 has gone above and beyond to provide excellent service, and has come through for us whenever we have been in a crunch for time to order apparel for our uniform program. As a recent example, two days ... Read moreTestimonial – 11-24-2016

Testimonial – 11-11-2016

“Daniel and his team were fantastic, they completed our project ahead of time and shipped it to another province prior to our event taking place. Daniel kept us informed every step of the way. Choosing Custom6 for our branding needs was and is one less thing to worry about, they take care of every detail ... Read moreTestimonial – 11-11-2016

Testimonial – 11-09-2016

“I have been very happy dealing with Daniel at Custom6. He was able to get me what I needed, when I needed it. He also helped me to get through the selection process with great results!” – Phil


“Hassleand worry free service for us. It feels good saving money and receiving great product. Thank you for all your help and support.” – Vicki

Testimonial – 08-04-2016

“It has really been awesome working with Chris at Custom6. His communication and care with our annual Golf Tournament Gift Bags was over the top. From showing us samples to assembling our company giveaway bags for our partners. He is someone you will find easy to work with and makes himself available to fit our ... Read moreTestimonial – 08-04-2016

Testimonial – 07-05-2016

“Daniel and his team are fantastic. Easy to work with and spot on product. It is always our pleasure to meet with you and do business.” – Greg

Testimonial – 07-04-2016

“Daniel is the best to work with in Toronto. He made our shirts for under $10. The price he quotes is the price you pay and there are never hidden fees or setup charges.” – Sara

Testimonial – 06-27-2016

“Custom6 delivered our goods ahead of time. The Shirts, Jackets, Safety Vests, Hats and Hoodies look fantastic. Tristan makes sure everything is ready and the way you like it. He helped us select all our brands, while maintaining our budget. Keep up the great work.” – Brent

Testimonial – 06-02-2016

“Thank you for donating 50 tshirts for our school spirit wear. Our Principal, staff and parents thank you on behalf of the children.” – June C. (Parent Council Chair)

Testimonial – 05-28-2016

“Completing our project ahead of time and keeping us informed every step of the way, is why we choose Custom6 for our company branding. They take the worries away. The handle and care of every detail on all of our orders, the samples and visuals provided and all of the interaction, is what makes you ... Read moreTestimonial – 05-28-2016

Testimonial – 05-16-2016

“Chris is very passionate about his work and keeping us happy. I trust him with our uniform needs.” – Mike

Testimonial – 04-03-2016

“You guys are the real deal! Saved us money and gave better service. Thank you for always coming through for us.” – Nancy & Sam

Testimonial – 03-07-2016

“Simply the best customer service in the industry. I have dealt with many other companies, but none of them had the response time and communication that Custom6 provides. They handle all of our promotional needs.” – David